St Mary the Virgin, Marystowe.


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Marystowe Church has over 300 second-hand books that were, until lockdown, available at the Church.

We have now catalogued the books and are offering a free delivery service because the Church is closed.

The books are listed under Fact, Children, Poetry or Fiction; we have listed the fiction by Comedy, Crime, General (usually meaning we couldn’t work out a genre!), Historic Saga, Romance, Sci-Fi or Thriller. Wherever possible we have also tried to add a brief description of the story.  

The July 2020 catalogue is attached (see above links in Blue) and will also be available on the Chillaton Village website and South Tamar Mission website. The catalogue will be updated monthly.

As before books are 50p each. But as we are delivering the books we are asking for a minimum donation of £1 for up to two books, or five for a minimum of £2. All proceeds will go to the Church in Marystowe: deliveries, collection and sorting is carried out by volunteers at no cost.

The catalogue does highlight some books that are in really good condition, or collectable for another reason where we would have put a higher suggested donation, these books are ideal for gifts or long-term treasures in your bookcase.

If you have any books you would like to donate then please do contact us and we can arrange collection. We also welcome back any of our books you have read to re-circulate although we do not give refunds!


Please note the books are kept in the Church (which is currently always locked) and, at present, are only handled by Joy and Andy McSmythurs.

All books are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before being added to the stock.

Contact: Joy McSmythurs 01822 860630 or