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All Saints, Dunterton.

Dunterton Church

All Saints, Dunterton Church is set in the rolling hills of the Tamar Valley, in the small hamlet of Dunterton.

It is a popular and picturesque church, holding well attended services during festival times of the church calendar.

Each year the community holds a river walk to raise funds for the church, and this year over 400 people participated. Like all rural churches, maintaining the building is challenging and the River walk is of great help with this.

Recently the church was featured on Spotlight, as two former long-standing church wardens of Dunterton, Church Gerald Napier and Arthur Vigars, were  guests of honour at a Sunday service which included the unveiling and presentation of a bench with their names carved into the wood, for their decades of service, looking after the church, and raising funds for its maintenance.


The church has a unique, heartfelt but fascinating history, as it has been known locally as the ‘Children’s Church.’

As tradition tells it, when the ‘Black Death’ was encompassing the area, the children of the village children took  refuge in the church and survived. It is thought the larger village around the church disappeared at the time of the Black Death, and moved away from the church vicinity, leaving the church to remain regal & longstanding in the fields surrounding the River Tamar. 

Visitors to the church are always welcome. Dunterton has a strong support group of friends who hold events to raise funds and to support the community.

For any further information please contact : John Spensley 

07711 995735


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Parking is available for all the services in 'Glebe House field' which is just across the road from the church.

For all enquiries concerning Dunterton Church. please contact John Spensley.


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