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Lucky Lamerton Lottery




The Lucky Lamerton Lottery is a membership lottery in which members apply to join and have entries in the lottery draw.  The membership is renewed annually.  The lottery is drawn once per month for twelve months using a independent online random number selector programme.  On joining, a unique number will be randomly allocated to each entry, using a independent online random number selector programme. Each entry costs £12 for the year and must be paid in full upfront. Members will be sent their registration and draw entry numbers prior to the first draw.  These numbers will be entered in each monthly draw for the 12 month period.



Members must be aged 16 years or older.  Application to join, register and request for entries must be made on the application form and sent/delivered to either of:


Debbie Greenfield                                           Julie Hibbert

2 Hillside Cottages                                           Penticton, Chollacott lane

Lamerton PL19 8RP                                         Tavistock PL19 9DD


Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 15th June 2018.

Full payment (cheque or cash) for each £12 draw number entry in the lottery must be enclosed with the application form and received by the closing date stated.

Cheques must be made payable to:  St Peter’s Church Lamerton 

Please do not put cash in postal applications.


Lucky Lamerton Lottery cannot accept any liability for loss, theft or delay in any communication made by post.  No part year refunds/cancellations can be made.  No applications for a part year membership will be accepted.  No late entries will be accepted.  Lucky Lamerton Lottery reserves the right to refuse application.  If insufficient applications are received by the closing date to make the lottery a worthwhile undertaking, all payments will be returned to the applicant.  It is envisaged that this would only be the case should fewer than 80 entries be received.



The draw will be run on the 1st Monday of each month, for the 12 months commencing: Monday 2nd July 2018  A independent online random number selector programme will be used to draw the winning number(s).


Once the applications have been received Lucky Lamerton Lottery will be able to confirm how many draw prizes will be made each month for the 12 draws based on the following:

80 to 149 entry numbers: 1 prize draw of £50 per month.

150 to 199 entry numbers: 1 prize draw of £50 (1st number drawn) plus 1 prize draw of £25 (2nd number drawn) per month.

200 to 249 entry numbers: 1 prize draw of £50 (1st number drawn) plus 2 prize draws of £25 (2nd and 3rd numbers drawn) per month.

Prize Winners will receive written notification along with a cheque payment for any prize won.  Winning numbers will be published in the Parish news magazine, displayed on St Peter’s porch notices board and available on the St Peter’s Lamerton website.  Winners’ names are not published.



The St Peter’s Church, Lamerton has a small society lottery registration with West Devon Council and operates the Lucky Lamerton Lottery to raise funds for St Peter’s Church Lamerton (a registered charity).


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